Searches For This Trend Just Increased By 533% On Pinterest

Pinterest just released it’s top global trend predictions and their Pinterest 100 list. This list revealed the fastest-growing saved searches across the website.

Amongst others, Pinterest saves for ‘patterned plants’ has increased by 533%, these include varieties such as the prayer plant or snake plant. The Monersta may have been the plant of 2017, but will patterned plants soon be all over Instagram?   

Large Patterned Plants In Baskets

Prayer Plant Pictured Below

A Minimalist Style Prayer Plant in a Vase

Photo credit:

Snake Plants Pictured Below

Three Small Snake Plants in Pots On A Table

Photo credit:

It looks as though home interiors across the globe are also set to be splashed in the soft grey-green colour of sage, with the term 'sage' receiving a 170 per cent boost from those looking for interior design inspiration.

Sage Painted Living Room Wall Scandinavian Style

Photo credit: Coco Lapin Design
See the full list here:

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